TravelAdvantage  is the world’s most exclusive private membership travel platform! And with the subscription of its best package, the Elite membership, you save a lot in your travel bookings (hotel, flight, cruises, rental cars, life experience, activities, all inclusive …) and earn travel credits and real money. But let’s see how:



How the Elite Membership Works

With $119,97 monthly, (but monthly fee can be canceled, below i will explain how ) you have:

  • 50 guest passes when you sign up;

  • 20 guest passes each month;

  • 3 guest pass each time you book a hotel;

  • 4 more users with who you can share your membership;

  • save 80%+ on hotel bookings;

  • best price guarantee on hotels or refund of 150% of the difference paid;

  • access to hotels, cruises, flights, trains, excursions, activities, all inclusive, transfers, life experiences;

  • you have special prices on the platform mall (best brands: CK, Gucci, Prada etc ..) and you can use loyalty points for purchases.

Do you think it worths the $119,97 monthly fee?

If you are a regular traveler it definitely worth all 119 dollars!! But anyway… let see how to reset the monthly fee and indeed make a lot of money with this incredible membership.

 Let’s see how:

  • by sharing your guest passes (to your friends, family members, or any person you want), you earn 100% in dollars of the savings your guest had when making a reservation; (for example:  a friend of yours who you shared a guest pass to make a hotel reservation, saves $ 100. That savings is your income, without detracting from your friend.)

  • when your friend in turn shares their guest passes, you earn 50% of their guests’ savings at unlimited levels; (example: your friend shares his guest passes with his other friends. When his friends make bookings saving for example $100, $50 will be your friend’s earnings and $50 yours and so on..)

  • each elite member worth 3 points: when you get 3 Elite membership under you (maybe some of your guests upgrading), you will have 9 points and you will earn $4 per day, $120 per month (look at the picture below), and you will no longer have to pay the monthly fee!

  • each member will take steps to share guest passes and / or to subscribe other elite memberships, and when your team reaches 12 Elite members you will get 36 points and  you will earn $300 each month, when your team reaches 40 members (you have 120 points) you will earn $600 each month…and so on (look at the table below).

So by sharing guest passes and enrolling other people you can make a lot of money monthly.

elite membership


With the Elite Membership of TravelAdvantage you have the best prices on hotel bookings (look at the comparisons with below)


As seen on the pictures above the same date, 4 nights, 2 adults, the same Hotel in Rome with you pay $3454 and with the Elite membership of TravelAdvantage you pay only $1218.


Lets see below the comparison with another hotel in Dubai:




the same Resort, the same date,  but with TravelAdvantage you save $4k!

Do you know why TravelAdvantage is so convenient? because it has no advertising intermediaries, it only has word of mouth like this and can afford tour operator prices.



For all these reasons you should join our Elite Membership Club of TravelAdvantage. If you have any questions feel free to write me at . Otherwise push the link below and enroll now !!



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